Bronwyn Birdsall is a Sydney-based writer and digital marketing specialist.


SWEET TROUBLE is her first novel and has been selected for numerous work-in-development programs. She is currently working on a collection of non-fiction essays PERSONAL MYTHOLOGIES and her second novel.


In 2018, Bronwyn participated in HARDCOPY, the ACT Writers Centre’s national professional development program for emerging Australian writers. She was chosen from writers across the country to workshop the manuscript of her debut novel.

After a series of weekend workshops, she was one of ten participants selected for its competitive second round to receive feedback on her novel from publishers & agents.

You can see her talk more about the experience here and here. You can also read more about her writing practice in this profile with Practise Journal.

In September 2019, Bronwyn had a narrative non-fiction piece published on Primer, 'What Being A Godmother Taught Me About Love', you can read it here.

In December 2019, she was shortlisted for the Lane Cove Literary Awards in the travel writing section. 

In May 2020, she wrote again for Primer about living with her mother through the pandemic.

She was previously awarded runner up in the Nancy Fairfax Writer in Residence competition and is an alumni of the Byron Writers Festival's Residential Mentorship program with Marele Day.

Editing & Proofreading

While working as an English as a Second Language teacher, Bronwyn began editing and proofreading texts on a project basis. Since 2007, she's edited texts ranging from film scripts, corporate reports, Masters & PhD theses, artists' wall texts and statements, fiction in translation and non-fiction books.

Some favourite projects include:

  • Subtitles for more than twenty feature and short films, mostly from Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Cinematic Rotterdam - the Times and Tides of a Modern City by Floris Paalman

  • Texts for artist Šejla Kamerić

  • Program & documentation for the Underbelly Arts festival

  • Wisdom at the Crossroads: True Stories From the Time of the Republic of Dubrovnik and the Ottoman Empire by Vesna Miović

Digital Strategy

Since 2012, Bronwyn has worked in the digital sector. Her speciality is paid digital, with a strong track record of business growth through targeted online campaigns.

She will not be taking on new clients until late 2020.

If you'd like to know about the parts of her life shared online, you can find her here, here or contact her here.

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